Chihuahua Airport started 2021 with a 33.9% contraction

Chihuahua Airport started 2021 with a 33.9% contraction

CHIHUAHUA – The Chihuahua international airport, “General Roberto Fierro,” started the new year with a contraction of 33.9% in the volume of total passengers, according to the monthly report of Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte S.A.B. de C.V.

During January, 82,571 domestic and international passengers were registered, a smaller number compared to the 132,416 reported during the same month last year.

The record of the 13 airports registered to OMA showed a decrease of 46.6% in the volume of passengers in January of this year compared to that month of 2019, going from 1.8 million users to 989,583.

Domestic passengers registered at the terminals managed by Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte S.A.B. de C.V. during January 2021 were 875,277, 44.1% less than the 1.5 million reported in the same month of 2020.

Moreover, international travelers were 114,306, 60.2% less compared to the 287,500 reported in January 2020.

At the Chihuahua International Airport, 73,081 domestic travelers were reported last January, 39.7% less than the 121,127 registered in that month of 2020.

Regarding international passengers, 9,490 users were registered, 15.9% less compared to the 11,298 reported in January of last year.

Of the 13 airports run by OMA, the one in the city of Chihuahua registered the smallest drop in total passengers, only surpassed by the one in Culiacán, which had a drop of 33.9%, while Chihuahua reported 37.6%.

The three airports with the greatest decrease were Zihuatanejo with 61.3%, Tampico with 59.9%, and Monterrey with 51.3%.

In terms of domestic flights, the three air terminals with the greatest drop in passengers were Tampico with 60.9%, Zacatecas with 51.4% and Monterrey with 49.9%.

Additionally, in international tourists, Zihuatanejo reported a drop of 80.9%, Mazatlán 74.4%, and Acapulco 66.4%.