Chihuahua, capital of the Aerospace Industry

Chihuahua was consolidated as the giant of the Aerospace Industry in Mexico, during the first trimester of the year 2016 and today it can proudly say it is the only State able to assemble an airplane with all the components made in its territory, the only pending thing would be the assembler in charge of putting together the technological devices, fuselage, wiring… and even body shops for airplanes will open shortly in the State, through the MRO center that is going to be set up soon in town. Despite the fact that Queretaro has been under the spotlight since the beginning of the Aerospace history in Mexico, reality comes forward and Chihuahua is nowadays the main hub of attraction for the Aerospace Industry in the Country, accumulating US$1,000 million in local and foreign investment, with annual exports over US$750 million and nearly 15 new projects for expansion, or new companies arriving. The Industry has evolved from the production of harness, to the development of aero structures, turbines and composites, and it is now clear that Chihuahua is competing in the manufacture and equipment of the most complete fuselage systems, along with all of the technological elements, equipment, propellers, seats, safety and even rescue gear, such as the boats and ramps manufactured in this City.