Chihuahua is a magnet for nearshoring

Chihuahua is a magnet for nearshoring

CHIHUAHUA - In the midst of the nearshoring era, Chihuahua seeks to consolidate itself as one of the most attractive cities for high value-added investments in the north of the country, said Jorge Cruz Camberos, president of the Chihuahua State Economic Development (Desec).

Located just 400 kilometers from the United States and in the center of Mexico's largest state, Chihuahua has managed to rise in the rankings of competitiveness and quality of life, thanks to a strategic alliance of almost 10 years between government and private initiative with the goal of being the best industrial family city.

Cruz Camberos assured that the key has been to establish a model in which the different governments, the educational system and the private initiative adapt to the same vision of development.

Over the last 8 years, they have managed to improve the quality of life based on household income, and have reached US$1,380 per house as a minimum, although the goal is set at an optimum of US$4,980.

"If we have to pay better wages, we need more competitive companies and for that we need to be a more competitive city," he told EFE.