Chihuahua rebounds in metal production

Chihuahua rebounds in metal production

CHIHUAHUA – During April, the state of Chihuahua presented an annual variation of 41.8% in gold production, going from 1,011 tons in 2020 to 1,432 tons in the same period this year, according to the Mining and Metallurgical Industry Indicators.

Regarding silver, the entity produced 78,961 tons in April 2020 to 112,540 tons in April 2021, an annual variation of 42.5%. On the other hand, Zacatecas registered a variation of 53.9% and Sonora 45.6%.

In lead production, Chihuahua reached 2,409 tons in the fourth month of 2020, and 2,922 tons in April 2021, which meant an annual variation of 21.3%. Zacatecas had a variation of 55.9% and Durango 3.3% in this same period.

It is worth mentioning that the state had a variation of 2.7% in zinc, since in April 2020 it had a production of 7,485 tons to 7,685 tons in April of this year. In this metal, Zacatecas registered an annual variation of 93.8%, Mexico 17.8% and Durango 15.2%.

The mining situation for Chihuahua in April 2021 places the state in a good national position, especially for gold and silver, where the state is among the top five places with the highest production of both minerals.

In the production ranking from January to April of this year, the state ranks fourth in gold with a national participation of 13.9%, as well as second in silver with a national participation of 20.1%.

Source: El Heraldo de Chihuahua