Chihuahua will increase its industrial capacity by 80%

Chihuahua will increase its industrial capacity by 80%

CHIHUAHUA – Aptiv's operations in the state of Chihuahua were certified with the distinctive Company with Value by the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare of the State Government, allowing it to increase its personnel capacity to 80%.

The logo guarantees that companies in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing industries implement and follow up on sanitary measures to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"It is a distinction that guarantees the monitoring and real implementation of protocols with high standards that ensure the prevention and health protection of its employees," said Ana Luisa Herrera Lasso, head of the state agency.

"They have done a great job, they have put a lot of dedication in adapting their protocols, in engineering measures, training, administration, community care prevention, health promotion and management and planning," the official added.

Aptiv has 7 plants in Ciudad Juárez and the Centro Tecnológico México, as well as two other manufacturing divisions in Meoqui and Parral, all with the certification required by the State.