Chinese automaker BAIC plans to export cars from Mexico to US, Canada

Chinese automaker BAIC plans to export cars from Mexico to the United States and Canada in 2018, “unless something drastic happens with NAFTA,” said Yang Nanhua, director general of BAIC in Mexico, in an interview to Xinhua

Earlier this year, BAIC started an assembly operation in Veracruz in association with Foton Mexico, a China-based manufacturer of commercial vehicles which as operated in Mexico since 2008.

The company assembles 220 units per month through the manufacturing system known as CKD (Completely Knock Down), that is, the parts kits are received from China as bodywork, drivetrain and board modules, so that only the assembly is made in Mexico.

Yang also said that BAIC would bring four new models into Mexico in 2018, including an electric vehicle with a range of up to 200 km. 

In the long term, BAIC plans to obtain registration as a setter through the Automotive Decree, using 65% of local components, and estimates that in three years the construction of its own plant in the country can begin, without the association with Foton.


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