Chinese developers to build US$134-million industrial park in State of Mexico

Chinese developers to build US$134-million industrial park in State of Mexico

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With an investment of US$ 134 million, Chinese investors will build an industrial park in the municipality of Apaxco, State of Mexico (Edomex), the state secretary of Economic Development, Alberto Curi Naime, announced in recent days.

The official told local media that the company Hunan Gold Group has already acquired the land where it will develop an area of between 100 and 110 hectares in its first phase, although there’s plans to extend it to up to 250 hectares.

Curi Naime added that there is already interest from companies in France and Korea to settle at the park. He estimated that in 2018 more than US$ 2.2 billion of Foreign Direct Investment landed in the state.

The official stressed that, among the competitive advantages of Edomex to attract investment, its geographical location and infrastructure stand out, since “being in the center of the country force us to be communicated in all directions, so we have 16,000 kilometers of roads and 1,300 kilometers of railways”.

Finally, he highlighted that other strength of Edomex is the 7.9 million people in working age, which represents 14.2% of Mexico.

The State of Mexico stands out due to its old industrial tradition. This region of the country contributes 8.5% of the National Gross Domestic Product (GDP), equivalent to about US$ 90 billion per year.



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