Chinese material manufacturer PGTEX opens plant in El Paso to supply Juarez facility

Chinese manufacturer PGTEX, a materials supplier for the wind power industry, opened a production plant in El Paso, Texas, its first in North America, local media revealed.

The company invested US$ 6.7 million in its facility and plans to invest an additional US$ 11 million over the next four years, to keep up with growth in the renewable energy market in North America.

The company has leased a 50,320-square-foot facility and expects to triple its size by 2020.

PGTEX, which was founded in China in 1998 and has 700 employees worldwide, produces composite materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber and aramid fiber. The materials are used in the renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, sports and boating industries.

One of the company’s long-time customers, TPI Composites Inc., has a large manufacturing facility in Juarez, Mexico, just across the border, which produces wind turbine blades.

TPI is also building a new facility that doubles the size of its operation.