Chinese TV manufacturers increase investments in Mexico

Chinese TV manufacturers increase investments in Mexico

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Chinese TV manufacturers are increasing their investments in the Mexican state of Baja California by forming production chains with Mexican suppliers, according to the Chinese consul in the city of Tijuana, Yu Bo.

“They are here to collaborate, cooperate with local suppliers, forming a production chain, a value chain, and especially an opportunity, a platform for sharing benefits between Chinese companies and Mexican companies,” he said.

The investments generate more jobs in Baja California, while production chains are formed with Mexican suppliers, said Bo during the panel “World trade, challenges and opportunity,” along with consuls from other countries.

“More investments are coming and they are creating more jobs; also, they are preparing more training courses, not only with their factories,” he explained.

The consul exemplified that among the Chinese manufacturers with plants in Baja California are the leading global companies TCL and Hisense.

“I am very confident, very convinced, if we work together, we are in favor of multilateralism, free trade, this system of international trade,” Bo added.

Bo said that China is committed to opening up more to the world and will begin the initiative of the Strip and the Road, through which it engages cooperation in trade, investment and infrastructure at the international level.



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