CIITA in Juarez is inaugurated

CIITA in Juarez is inaugurated

JUAREZ – Governor Javier Corral inaugurated in Ciudad Juarez the new Center for Innovation and Integration of Advanced Technologies (CIITA), which with an investment of US$12 million, will train talents to strengthen the competencies of the industry in the region and attract investments for higher value-added projects and better paying jobs.

The President emphasized that the CIITA is established as a center specialized in Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics and Information and Communication Technologies, and seeks to be a point of attraction for scientists and technologists, capable of meeting the main challenges of the different industries.

The project has a surface area of 14,000 square meters, of which 6,200 are for construction, including buildings A and B.

The first building houses administrative offices, conference and education rooms, auditorium, technology transfer offices and cafeteria; building B houses the additive manufacturing, metrology, advanced computing and electronic design laboratories.

Source: Chihuahua