CLAUGTO to launch support program for the automotive industry

CLAUGTO to launch support program for the automotive industry

LEON – The Automotive Cluster of Guanajuato A.C. (CLAUGTO) will launch the “CLAUGTO Business Ecosystem”, which will allow to promote financial liquidity to support the automotive industry in the entity.

CLAUGTO, in a technological alliance with INTERFACTURA and in a financial agreement with the Seabury Capital and JunoMX Capital funds, will be supporting Guanajuato and the automotive companies established in Mexico with an initial amount of US$200 million, a figure that may expand to US$300 million. Said amount is 90-day revolving, therefore, initially, US$1.2 billion could circulate within a year.

The objective of this program is to facilitate digital collaboration alternatives so that CLAUGTO members, through technological tools, can access financing for their supply chains.

The advantage of the “CLAUGTO Business Ecosystem” is the visibility that financial institutions have to analyze the transactionality of supply chain, which allows them to grant financing in a very dynamic way and at very competitive rates.

Financial resources are focused on Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 companies and service providers. The purpose is to support suppliers and thus shield the driving companies of the Guanajuato automotive industry by restoring supply chains and the operation of the sector.

Source: Cluster Industrial