Coahuila creates the State Council of Tourism

COAHUILA – In order to strengthen, promote, foster and develop sustainable tourism in Coahuila, the State Tourism Council was formally installed and took up a protest, where the reactivation of the sector for the five regions of the state was also analyzed.

The event was presided over by the minister of Government, José María Fraustro Siller, together with the head of the Ministry of Tourism and Development of Magical Towns (SECTUR), Lucía Azucena Ramos Ramos.

The State Council of Tourism will be composed by the Executive Power, the Government, Tourism, Economy, Education, Public Security and Environment Ministries, the General Coordination of Communication and Institutional Image, of Auditing and Accountability, as well as representatives of all public sectors and the state tourism value chain.

In his message, the minister of Government, José María Fraustro Siller, explained that in these times of great challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, people and wills are required to be prepared for the very tough competition that will develop in this sector once world tourism is reactivated.

He stressed that without a doubt one of the most affected sectors has been tourism, due to the social isolation that the pandemic has imposed; therefore, the recovery linked to the industry should count on the creative ideas of this State Council for the full reactivation of the sector, which is fundamental for the economic and social life of people.

Source: Zocalo