Companies from Portugal interested in Guanajuato

At least seven companies from Portugal that are in the software and hardware development business for the automotive and the aeronautic industry, as well as plastics injection, are interested in becoming established in Guanajuato and being part of the list of suppliers for the automotive industry. The President of the Luso-Mexican Industrial Chamber, Jorge Alberto Yarte-Sada, stated that entrepreneurs from Portugal recently met ProMexico’s authorities, with the intention of doing business in Mexico. The companies’ prospected investment ranges from US$21 to US$53 million, which would in turn, generate jobs and competitiveness for Mexico and Guanajuato with the arrival of these foreign companies to become providers to automotive assemblers. The interested companies are: Controlar (Innovating Industry), Enermeter (Seeing in First), Yap Automotive (One Country all Solutions), Ricardo Barbosa (Experts in Machine), Mecalbi (Aiming for Innovation Boosting Productivity), Active Space (Join Us Embracing Industry), Neologica (Reliability in Moulds).