Companies in Tamaulipas seek environmental regulation

Companies in Tamaulipas seek environmental regulation

TAMAULIPAS – The Environmental and Urban Prosecutor’s Office of Tamaulipas (PAUT) reported that, under the Temporary Voluntary Regularization Program, a total of 111 applications have been received from companies in various productive sectors in the state.

The program, which was in effect from September 15 to October 31 of this year, aims to update permits, registrations and grant the necessary certification to guarantee the positive contribution of the industries to the care of the environment in Tamaulipas.

The Environmental and Urban Prosecutor, Ramiro Lozano Gonzalez, highlighted the importance of this process by offering companies in the productive sector the opportunity to update their environmental documents. This, he said, reinforces their active participation in the preservation of the entity’s natural resources.

“We are committed to providing companies with the necessary tools to operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner,” Lozano González said. “This regularization process not only strengthens the relationship between the state government and the industrial, commercial and service sector, but also ensures responsible industrial development in the state.”

The official explained that PAUT in collaboration with the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment (SEDUMA), work on concrete actions that promote industrial development in the region. These actions seek to balance economic growth with the preservation of natural resources, thus fostering a harmonious relationship between the state government and the productive sector.

Lozano González emphasized that work continues based on the lines outlined in the State Development Plan (PED) presented by the governor, Américo Villarreal Anaya, so that the industrial sector in Tamaulipas can grow while respecting its natural environment.

The companies that joined the program received advice and support from PAUT to comply with the established requirements. The regularization process concluded last October 31, but the companies that were not able to participate will be able to do so in the near future, through a new program to be announced by PAUT.