Conconal will direct the works to restore track at AICM

Mexican building company Conconal will be in charge of the rehabilitation of the 05L–23R track, one out two in the Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport (AICM), that had not been subject to major maintenance over the last three years. ICA, Grupo Mexicano de Desarrollo, MFN Multiservicios, Calzada Construcciones, PINL, Javac Construcciones and Concretos Asfalticos Tecamac were the firms that participated in the contest. According to the regulations of the tendering procedure, Contractors should consider 24 hour open schedules to perform the works. In addition, possible difficulties to complete the works should be assessed, since this Airport is currently in operation and restrictions may apply to some important crossing points, areas that will be submitted to a restricted timetable, as established by aeronautical authorities.