Conduit RYMCO expands in Coahuila

Conduit RYMCO expands in Coahuila

FRONTERA, COAH - In order to expand its production of steel pipes for the aeronautical, automotive and petrochemical industries, the owners of Conduit RYMCO will invest US$45 million in a new plant that is being built on the Carlos Salinas de Gortari highway.

Gerardo Martinez, Director of Government Affairs of this company, met with Mayor Roberto Piña at the site where the construction of the new industrial buildings that will be the new plant has already begun, and there he detailed that the construction project is expected to be completed in 2025 and during the last quarter of next year will be producing steel pipe.

He said that with this new investment 230 direct jobs will be generated, 160 operative and 60 administrative, besides other indirect jobs, which are the contractors in charge of the construction of the plant, which are local companies.

"We are already hiring people who had been working at AHMSA with a specialized technical level, which we will require for the assembly of all the machinery, we have 95 percent of the machinery that will be installed, a large part of it in the warehouses," Martinez said.

The Conduit RYMCO plant currently has around 600 people working at the plant, 490 workers and the rest in the administrative area.

This new plant was brought from Cleveland in the United States, 95 percent of all the equipment is already in Frontera and work is underway on construction and installation.