Constellation Brands to invest US$1.3 billion in Veracruz

Constellation Brands to invest US$1.3 billion in Veracruz

VERACRUZ – Constellation Brands is preparing its plant in Veracruz. The company reported that it will invest US$1.3 billion in the southeastern Mexican state in the next four years, resources that are part of the US$5.5 billion it will invest in all its operations in said period.

The plant of the company that distributes Grupo Modelo's brands in the United States will be located in the municipality of Veracruz, in the Antigua Hacienda de Santa Fe, Neveria, and will have a water source independent from that of the city.

Constellation Brands detailed that the location for this plant was determined due to favorable conditions for the industry, such as transportation infrastructure, one of the most prominent seaports in the region and access to highly skilled labor.

During the construction stage of the brewery in Veracruz, more than 2,000 jobs will be generated, as well as 10,000 indirect jobs, which will boost the local value chain.

"The company has updated its plans to invest in the upcoming capacity expansion in Mexico that will provide the long-term flexibility needed to support the expected future growth of its portfolio of high-end Mexican beers," the company said.

In the document, Constellation Brands detailed that the new plant will add between 25 and 30 million additional hectoliters of total capacity and also considers the expansion and continued optimization of the company's other plants in Nava and Obregon.

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