Construction work of Toyota plant in Guanajuato is 70% completed

Construction work of Toyota plant in Guanajuato is 70% completed

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Jun Umemura, Vice President of Operations for Toyota North America, held a meeting last week with  Guanajuato state authorities where it was announced that the construction of the plant in the municipality of Apaseo el Grande is 70% complete, local media reported.

At the meeting, Umemura and other company officials reiterated that the start of operations is slated for December 2019, with an initial capacity to produce 100,000 Tacoma pickup trucks per year, while the workforce will be 1,000 workers in that first stage.

According to the reports, the executives of Toyota affirmed there will be no change of plans following the result of the new trade agreement (USMCA) negotiations, and that, on the contrary, said outcome will only give certainty to the investments they have planned for Mexico.

The meeting also aimed to fine-tune details for the project of the so-called Toyota City, since, along with the plant, there’s plans for an urban development to provide housing for the workers. This plan includes a series of mobility solutions developed by Toyota; it will be the first time that the company is involved in these types of issues.

Other topics discussed at the meeting were the package of incentives and issues related to the connectivity infrastructure of which the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) is in charge, state officials revealed, without providing further details.



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