Construction sector fell 5.6% in Nuevo Leon

Construction sector fell 5.6% in Nuevo Leon

NUEVO LEON – During June, the income in real terms of Nuevo Leon's construction sector companies amounted to US$110 billion, a decrease of 5.65% with respect to the US$117 billion registered in May.

Figures from the Construction Companies Indicator published by Inegi show that compared to June of last year the sector reported a contraction of 2.92%.

The drop in the sector is explained by the fact that both the public and private sectors reported weaker figures in said month than those registered the previous month, with setbacks of 19.38% and 1.52%, respectively.

"In March of this year the participation of private investment in the sector was of 91% and in June it was of 80.2%, this fall represents a very important loss for Nuevo Leon, in spite of the efforts of the public sector," said Jose Francisco Guajardo, president of CMIC Nuevo Leon.

Analysts consulted said that the sector has not been able to recover from the negative effect recorded by the suspension of non-essential activities as measures adopted by the government to reduce COVID-19 infections.

"Without a doubt, the construction sector was one of the most affected by the measures taken against the pandemic, which came to affect businesses," said one of the consultants.

Source: El Finaciero