Continental Cuautla wins the 2016 Mexico’s Nacional Export award

The international supply and technology firm for the automotive industry, Continental, and its Cuautla Plant in Mexico, received the National Export Award 2016, granted by the President Enrique Peña Nieto, within the framework of the XXIII Congress of Mexican Foreign Commerce, in Leon Guanajuato. In the year 2016, Continental Cuautla plant was awarded together with 11 other companies, that thanks to factors such as effort, constancy, creativity, quality and innovation, have been able to compete, increase and diversify their goods and services foreign sales. The Cuautla Continental Plant has over 23 years of history and it is a key piece to the automotive industry in the State of Morelos, as it maintains 1854 jobs in the region. This plant is affiliated to Continental’s CEP organization (Central Electronic Plants) and it focuses its activity on manufacturing electronic modules for the automotive industry, electronic controllers for EBS (Electronic Brake Systems), automatic transmissions and 4×4 wheel drives.