Continental Gets Q1 Certification

Continental Gets Q1 Certification

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Ford Motor Company awarded Continental Juarez 1 plant, in Ciudad Juarez, the Q1 certification. This is the 11th distinction this production facility has earned in the last seven years, the company informed.

The Q1 certification is considered throughout the world as an indication of exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

To fulfill Ford's expectations, Continental made significant changes within the plant in the last seven years, including improvements to the facility in the production area and a significant investment in engineering, to increase the capability of the laboratory in matters of Materials Science, Guarantee, and Prototype.

Ford developed the Q1 certification program by establishing standards that represent a consensus on good management practices, with the aim of ensuring that the supplier organization can consistently deliver product or services that will meet and exceed the customer’s quality requirements.

To be recognized as a Ford Motor Company Q1 supplier, vendors must achieve a high level of performance for six consecutive months prior to being awarded with Q1 Certification and maintain that level on an ongoing basis. During the evaluation process, Ford and the supplier agree on metrics for achievement and Ford meets with the supplier to continually assess progress.

Established in 1994, Continental's Juarez 1 plant is now a global auto parts supply center that works as a team with Research and Development (R & D) centers in France, Canada, the US., and Germany.

"This success story was possible because we acted as a great team, a team that used the 'Quality First' concept and a model guided by Continental's values," said Klaus Hau, head of the Sensors and Actuators business unit, in a statement.

More than 214 customers receive products from this plant that manufactures actuators, valves, and sensors for the automotive industry.