Coparmex seeks to promote Chihuahua companies in agribusinesses

Coparmex seeks to promote Chihuahua companies in agribusinesses

CHIHUAHUA – In an effort to take advantage of Mexico’s network of trade agreements and promote the sustainable growth of the regional economy, COPARMEX, in collaboration with the Government of Chihuahua, announced the launch of the Internationalization Program for Agribusiness Companies.

This is a project designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the agribusiness sector in Chihuahua, offering them a clear and structured route to global markets, according to the business organization.

The program will be implemented in two strategic phases, beginning with a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation of business potential, followed by the development of a detailed internationalization plan for each company.

These phases are designed to address and overcome common challenges faced by local companies, such as lack of knowledge of the international market and limitations in the value offer.

Phase one, a diagnosis and evaluation of business potential, will identify and evaluate 20 agribusiness companies with the right profile for internationalization, analyzing aspects such as management capacity and product or service offerings.

Phase two focuses on the internationalization process and plan, which will enable 10 companies to be selected from those evaluated in the previous phase, to work in collaboration with experts in the field and develop a robust and realistic plan to guide their international expansion.

The program will be fully funded by the State Government, through the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development and the Ministry of Rural Development, which will make it possible for it to be free of charge for the companies.

Interested companies must pre-register in order to review their viability and be able to participate in the program. Twenty companies with the best capabilities will be selected to enter into an internationalization process.