CPAM calls for a complete overhaul of aeronautical laws

CPAM calls for a complete overhaul of aeronautical laws

MEXICO – Heriberto Salazar Eguiluz, president of the Mexican College of Aviator Pilots (CPAM), called on Mexican authorities to completely overhaul aeronautical laws and regulations, since he considers that they are obsolete and stop the development of this industry, in addition to affecting operational safety.

He pointed out the need to update air transportation regulations, consider the activity of domestic companies over foreign ones and take into account the experience of the College to help solve the challenges faced by the Mexican industry.

Salazar Eguiluz assured that the issuance of medical certificates and the relation of the capacity of Mexican licenses do not fully comply with what is recommended in Annex 1 of the International Civil Aviation Convention of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), where it is sought that flight experience maintains licenses in force.

Regarding medical certificates, the president said that some cases are restrictive, since personnel over 40 years of age are ordered to verify their aptitude every six months when Annex 1 says it should be done every year.

"Our aeronautical regulations are difficult to keep up to date, constantly failing to comply with ICAO standards and recommendations which, with their uniform application, are considered desirable for safety reasons," he said.

Source: A21