Czech Republic, interested in investing in Aguascalientes

Czech Republic, interested in investing in Aguascalientes

AGUASCALIENTES - In order to strengthen economic and commercial cooperation ties between Aguascalientes and the Czech Republic, Governor Tere Jiménez met with the ambassador of said nation in Mexico, Zdeněk Kubánek, with whom she agreed to work hand in hand to attract some Czech investment projects to this entity.

They also agreed to promote some cultural and educational exchange projects among higher education students.

"We always seek to make alliances with those who help us to consolidate Aguascalientes as The Giant of Mexico; the commercial and cultural exchange with other countries is key to detonate the potential that our state has," assured the governor.

For his part, Zdeněk Kubánek, specified that his country's greatest interest in this entity is precisely in strengthening economic and commercial relations.

"We know that Aguascalientes is a very industrialized state and our companies and investors want to settle here, especially from the automotive, energy, metallurgy and machinery sectors," he said.

Likewise, he said that this entity offers very attractive competitive advantages for businessmen from his country, such as skilled labor, educational level and infrastructure in industrial parks, among others.

The meeting of Governor Tere Jiménez with the Czech Republic officials is in addition to the interest shown by Asian companies to continue doing business in Aguascalientes and the recent investment made by Mata Automotive, a company of Turkish origin that decided to install its first production plant in Aguascalientes.

In this sense, Cuitláhuac Pérez Cerros, president of Grupo MAEN, celebrated the attraction of capital other than German, Japanese and North American, countries with greater participation in FDI in Aguascalientes.