Daimler Truck Mexico inaugurates Integral Driving Center for drivers

Daimler Truck Mexico inaugurates Integral Driving Center for drivers

MEXICO - Daimer Truck Mexico, in collaboration with the Association of Daimler Commercial Vehicle Distributors (ADAVEC), inaugurated an Integral Driving Center (CEDEMI), in order to develop the professional and human potential of drivers of heavy duty trucks in Mexico.

This is the result of the constant search for solutions that strengthen the company's objective of keeping Mexico and the world on the move. Similarly, it will be able to address the current deficit of 60,000 heavy-duty truck drivers in the country and that since 2018 have been reduced between 15 and 20% on an annual basis.

"We are convinced that CEDEMI will be a new hotbed of talent that will contribute to improving the efficiency and profitability of our customers' businesses, through drivers committed to road safety, business and the community," detailed Marcela Barreiro, President & CEO of Daimler Truck Mexico.

CEDEMI has a comprehensive curriculum of 180 hours, of which 62 are theoretical and focus on providing knowledge on road safety, preventive driving, safety protocols, preventive mechanics, coupling, operation manual and basic engine components, through a curriculum that includes: driving techniques, environmental standards and regulations, product knowledge, psychosocial factors and basic mechanics.

The 118 hours corresponding to practice, focus on parking techniques, turning, use of vehicle tools and speeds, to mention a few aspects, and where you can make use of a state-of-the-art simulator which is unique in the sector and in Mexico, spare parts simulation tablets and brake system operation simulator.