Deitac presents analysis for aerospace manufacture

The Industrial and Economic Development office of Tijuana (DEITAC), presented a list of manufacturing capacities for the sector, aiming to strategically promote the Aerospace and Defense industry, fostering its regional growth. Eduardo Solis, specialist in this sector, said that the business ecosystem available in Mexico can make a difference of attracting investment for this specialty. He presented an analysis report of this industry, which has had earnings worth US$4.9 trillion in total airplane production during 2015, which went up to US$5.9 trillion in 2016, considering the number of airplanes that are going to be manufactured. Cristina Hermosillo, President of DEITAC, affirmed that the most popular models such as Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 have been in the market for over 30 and these platforms are currently under renewal, which is why these companies are looking for providers for manufacturing, and this is where Tijuana could capitalize.