Denso expands in Guanajuato

Denso expands in Guanajuato

GUNAJUATO – The Governor of the State, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, inaugurated the third expansion of the Japanese company Denso, at its plant in Guanajuato Puerto Interior.

The company, which manufactures air conditioners, radiators, alternators and windshield wiper systems, will invest US$9.8 million in the expansion, which will generate more than 200 new jobs.

"Today we can say with pride and satisfaction that Guanajuato is an industrial power, thanks to the cooperative alliances we have built over the years with world-class companies such as Denso,” said the State President.

The expansion is designed as a "Bright and Green Plant" thanks to its environmentally friendly facilities with a positive impact and consists of 40,262 square meters of construction and 18,000 square meters of building.

The plant located in Guanajuato Puerto Interior began operations in 2013 and to date has 1,800 employees, who are involved in the manufacture of air conditioners, radiators, alternators and windshield wiper systems.

Denso is a company whose core business is the manufacture of automotive components, a leading supplier of automotive systems and components technology and its main customers include Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissan and Volkswagen.