Despite higher growth rates, Brazil auto production still behind Mexico’s

Despite a 12.1% hike in automotive production during the first five months of 2018, Brazil is still behind Mexico’s output volume, which increased just 3.9% in the same period. 

Such data suggests that Mexico will once again remain leader in Latin American car production, although there have been some improvements in the Brazilian auto sector, where the economy grew in 2017 for the first time after two years of recession.

Global automakers manufactured in Mexico a record figure of 1.6 million vehicles in the first five months of the year, despite an 8.9% drop in domestic sales. Different case is that of Brazil with 1.17 million units manufactured, but a 17% boost in domestic sales. 

Since 2014, Mexico surpassed Brazil as the largest vehicle manufacturer in Latin America, driven by exports to the United States and Canada.


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