DHL aims to boost its Supply Chain services in Queretaro

DHL aims to boost its Supply Chain services in Queretaro

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DHL, the German logistics company, is looking to expand their Supply Chain division in Queretaro, where automotive, aerospace and consumption operations are on the rise, said Alejandro Raya, senior director of operations in the engineering and manufacturing sector for DHL Supply Chain.

The demand for logistic operations is rapidly increasing, a growth that they intend to attend. For that end, DHL aims to boost the operations of its Supply Chain division, which consists of offering warehouses and distribution, commented Raya in an interview to El Financiero during its participation in the Mexico's Aerospace Summit 2018 organized by MexicoNow.

DHL operations in El Bajio region, where Queretaro is located, represent 20% of the company's business in the country, because the area has strong dynamics on industrial, agricultural and services sectors. “El Bajio is extremely important for because this is where the manufacturing industry is developing, mainly aerospace,” said the official.

DHL works in the Bajio its Express, Global Forwarding and eCommerce divisions, to serve the agricultural, aeronautical and automotive sectors, among others. In this area it has a broad activity of its Global Forwarding division, which corresponds to air and road transport; as well as the Express, which consists of parcel.

In terms of road and air transport, ie with the Global Forwarding division, DHL is in the process of joining the supply chain of different companies in the region, through transportation and inventory management.

“We move from raw materials to finished product. In the aviation industry we are moving harnesses, parts of fuselages; but we do not have anything in particular and if we put together the rest of the sectors, from engine blocks to brakes, food, groceries, we are in all sectors,” said the official.

Other areas of the country that compete with the Bajio with a similar percentage of DHL operations are the northeast, considering cities such as Monterrey, Tamaulipas and Coahuila; as well as the Central region along with Mexico City.

“It's the golden triangle, from Monterrey, Guadalajara to Mexico City, everything that is enclosed there, like most of the country's industry; we have about 60% or more of the operations there and that is where historically more has been invested in manufacturing and other issues; the part of Baja California and Sonora grows; but the golden triangle is gold,” he explained.

Raya concluded by commenting that the company has registered double-digit national growth in the last five years.



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