DHL to invest an additional US$ 100 million in Mexico

DHL to invest an additional US$ 100 million in Mexico

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After a double-digit growth courier service DHL Express has decided to invest an additional US $100 million in its Mexico infrastructure. The company previously invested US$ 160 million during the last months.

The money will be spent over the remainder of this year and next on new customer service centers, renewing its vehicle fleet and replacing three of its planes, DHL Mexico's CEO, Antonio Arraz, told El Financiero during an interview.

It will have 500 customer centers and 1,100 jobs will be opened when the expansion is complete. A new customer service system will be implemented and operations centers enlarged and improved.

The company’s Mexico CEO said DHL saw double-digit growth in 2015 and more of the same this year.

Antonio Arraz attributed the performance in large part to the growth of electronic commerce and the opening of new manufacturers, particularly those moving products between Mexico and the U.S.