Diageo to invest US$5.8 million in Jalisco

Diageo to invest US$5.8 million in Jalisco

JALISCO - The British company Diageo and its tequila brands Don Julio, Casamigos and DeLeón will invest US$5.8 million in water preservation and sustainable access projects in the state of Jalisco.

"The company's projection for the end of 2025 is to restore 100% of the water used in its tequila operations for the benefit of the communities in which it operates, and to become the first tequila producer to achieve this goal," said Alan Loredo, Director of Corporate Relations for Mexico and Tequila at Diageo.

It is worth mentioning that this investment will be focused on projects aimed at preserving and providing access to water over the next two years, a crucial step in achieving our sustainability goals and contributing to mitigating climate change.

According to Loredo, Diageo's water preservation program is focused on four objectives; the first is to reduce the use of the natural resource in its operations with a 40% improvement in water efficiency in areas of water stress, and 30% as a company.

The second objective is to replenish more than 100% of the water used in its operations; the third is to participate in collective actions that improve water security; and the fourth is to provide better access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for the communities near its operations.

Among the communities in Jalisco that are expected to benefit from this program are the municipalities of Atotonilco El Alto, Ocotlán and San Diego de Alejandría, where it is planned to improve water quality through wastewater treatment actions and increase access to water for their inhabitants.