Mexicana de Aviación could come back under a cooperative scheme

Mexicana de Aviación could come back under a cooperative scheme

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MEXICO – Retirees, workers and former workers of Mexicana de Aviación met with authorities of the National Institute of Social Economy (INAES), in order to continue with the dialogues of the possible return of Mexicana de Aviación under a cooperative scheme.

This is the sixth session in which former employees of the defunct airline seek to continue this project that began last year. During the meeting they explained the lines of action that are considered for the development of the business model that the company would lead. The objective is to liquidate the employees affected by the suspension of Mexicana's operations and make the payment of pensions, since the assets that remain will not cover the pending assets that they have with the workers.

“As of today, Mexicana's assets are not enough to settle the awards and finalizing them would represent no more than 10% of what corresponds to us as workers. Given this, we must seek to add value to the assets, "said Fausto Guerrero, representative of the retirees of Mexicana de Aviación (Ajteam).

The assets of the airline, as well as real estate and business units, would become part of the Cooperative. These include the Mexican MRO maintenance base, the Training Center (CAT), and the audited warehouses at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), among others.

Although the Tax Administration Service (SAT) through Customs withdrew the concession of the warehouses that operated in the AICM under the argument that Mexicana is bankrupt, nevertheless, the bankruptcy of the airline has not had any effect. Despite this, Horacio Duarte, general administrator of Customs, declared during the meeting that they will be able to use them in the cooperative, said Vicente González, vice president of Ajteam.

“Mexicana are not the unions, Mexicana are the workers and retirees who are part of the airline. The Cooperative is a project that would include the CAT, MRO, warehouses, VIP lounge at the airport, the counters, among others, "explained González.

Source: A21