Diversenergy to invest US$20 million in Nuevo Leon

NUEVO LEON – Diversenergy announced that it is to invest US$20 million in Nuevo Leon for the construction of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) production plant.

Lee Kellough, founder and CEO of the company, stated that this is part of the construction projects of 5 or 6 plants that are plaining to build in Mexico in the next 5 years.

Although the exact location has not been defined, the director pointed out that it would be situated within the metropolitan area of Monterrey and it will have a capacity to produce about 30,000 gallons of natural gas daily and to store 100,000 gallons.

As for the number of jobs that will be generated, Lee explained that these are not defined yet since they’re still working on the details regarding issues such as design, construction and operation.

Source: El Financiero