DuPont analyzes installing plant in Mexico

For nearly 60 years, DuPont has been a supplier to major automotive assemblers around the globe. Today, the firm is seeing opportunities to increase sales in Mexico, in the face of new automotive firms arriving. The boom of the automotive industry in Mexico has awaken the interest of this U.S.-BASED firm to make business. 70% of the raw materials the automotive industry needs are currently imported, says Juan Jose Zaragoza, Automotive Industry Development leader for DuPont High Performance Polymers, about the opportunity the increase of companies operating in the country would signify. Not only are nationally assembled vehicles important for DuPont’s plans, but also export is. Mexico is the fifth auto parts provider in the world. “We see a really large area of opportunity here”, “We never rule out any possibility regarding investment, especially with such a large market participation”, assured Mr. Zaragoza, who believes in the opportunities Mexico has to offer and has no doubt that DuPont will maintain a constant analysis of its new manufacturing centers.