DuPont supply chain growing in the automotive industry

DuPont is going to close the year with automotive industry material sales showing a 9% growth rate, especially sales to auto parts manufacturers, who consume its coatings and high performance polymers, said Juan Jose Zaragoza, leader of the automotive division of the company. In addition, the plants that opened during 2016 are boosting the auto parts production in Mexico. DuPont’s best-selling material for the automotive sector is nylon, which is used to manufacture different components, such as the case for the radiator fan, engine covers, among others. DuPont started this year with the commercialization of an elastomer called Vamac, which offers more resistance to fluids like oil, gases, chemical products and high temperatures. Mr. Zaragoza estimates there will be growth in the automotive and auto parts production during 2017, as there are currently over 1,700 components manufacturers and new providers keep coming.