Economy improves in Mexico’s border entities

Economy improves in Mexico’s border entities

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BAJA CALIFORNIA – The economy of Baja California and the north of the country has been the one that has obtained the best results, according to the president of Colegio de Economistas del Estado, Domingo Ramos Medina.

The specialist indicated that although the fiscal stimulus program carried out by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's government was not as expected, it has helped the border economy, since some companies have already joined to this program and have obtained benefits.

"However, thanks to the comparative and competitive advantages of our entity and the entities of the northern border, we have done better than other entities in the center and south of the country," he pointed out.

Ramos Medina stated that it is necessary to increase public investment in infrastructure and projects that boost the economy and encourage private investment creating ideal conditions for entrepreneurs.

"We have to support and respect the agreement that was made with private initiative, we need both public and private investment," he stated.

Source: El Sol de Tijuana