Electric transportation system in Quintana Roo is 97% complete

Electric transportation system in Quintana Roo is 97% complete

QUINTANA ROO - The most recent report from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) in Quintana Roo informs that the electric transportation system that will connect the Cancun International Airport (AIC) with the Tren Maya station is 97% complete.

It is a system of electric minibuses, with capacity to transport 47 people (32 seated and 15 standing), between both terminals.

The circuit that the units will cover will be 15.5 kilometers, facilitating the transfer of passengers from terminals 2, 3 and 4 of the Cancun International Airport to the Airport-Tren Maya station.

The buses will travel along a perimeter road that surrounds the airport runways for 4 kilometers, with two 3.50-meter lanes, exclusively for the passage of the seven electric units to the Tren Maya station. In addition, a 6-meter wide service road for the airport is being built.

Currently, the asphalt surface is complete and work is being done on the electromechanical installation of the access locks, as well as on the three confinement fences, according to the SICT.

Since July 2023, SICT has been working on this infrastructure project, which required an investment of US$9.9 million.