Emirates airline to launch daily services from Dubai to Mexico City

MEXICO CITY — As of December 9th, Emirates airline will debut on its route between Dubai, Barcelona and Mexico City, with a daily frequency.

The new route will be operated with a B777-200LR airplane, with 38 business seats, in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Due to the high altitude in which Mexico City is located, the Arab airline cannot carry out a nonstop flight from Dubai, so Barcelona is the logical option for climbing.

“We are happy to offer a direct connection on the route between Barcelona and Mexico City, which has, for so long, been rejected by other connections and remains untapped, despite the strong demand that exists,” stated Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline.

Emirates will be the 43rd airline on international flights to Mexico and as a consequence, Mexico will cease to be the only nation with more than 100 million inhabitants where the Arab airline didn’t carry out commercial flights.

Source: A21