Employees from Coca-Cola bottling company went on strike

Employees from Coca-Cola bottling company went on strike

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Employees from Arca Continental, the second largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, declared themselves on work stoppage in Matamoros on Thursday to demand a 20% increase on in their salary and an annual bonus of US$1,675 pesos.


The bottler’s employees joined workers from 48 maquiladora plants that started a strike on January 12 in the municipality of Tamaulipas, although in some of these maquiladoras labors were already restarted, according to Juan Carlo Hernández, president of Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (Coparmex) in Matamoros.


Once the strike was declared, employees refused to distribute the company's products in Valle Hermoso and Matamoros, both municipalities of Tamaulipas.


In this regard, Arca Continental said it was open to dialogue with Sindicato de Jornaleros, Obreros Industriales y de la Industria Maquiladora‘s workers that joined the work stoppage.


The Coca-Cola bottler indicated that last October they made wage increases and benefits in collective contracts, and that none of their employees earn the minimum wage.


The company detailed that less than 100 of the 600 employees of the plant participated in the strike, which caused some delays in the distribution of the products. However, that day in the afternoon the situation was regularized, Arca Continental said.


The company owns 20 bottling plants and 116 distribution centers in 14 states of the central and northern regions of the country. Arca Continental also operates a franchise in U.S., in Texas, as well as in some parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico.