Ensenada Airport’s construction approved

Baja California State Congress passed a bill to decree the construction of the Ensenada Airport, which will be located in the Municipality of Ojos Negros, East of the city, according to reports by Congressman Armando Reyes Ledesma. The legislator stated that passing this bill is equivalent to issuing an authorization to establish a “business partnership with the State as the major shareholder” in order to manage, operate, use resources and build the airport. According to Reyes Ledesma’s declarations, the main objective with this project, is to create infrastructure to boost competitiveness and development “to achieve a more competitive economy to create better conditions for investment”. This will result in the creation of jobs to provide citizens with higher levels of economic and social welfare, “which will benefit both present and future generations”. In addition, the estimated investment for this infrastructure project is exceeding the one thousand 200 million pesos mark, according to local media.