Entrepreneurs from the plastics sector see business opportunity in Mexico

Plastic components for the automotive industry in Mexico, worth roughly US$2 million, are imported every day, since there are not enough domestic suppliers of these products. Eduardo de la Tijera, Co-Secretary for the Mexican Association of Plastics Industries (ANIPAC), underscores that a US$700 million growth opportunity is set up, but the technology used by producers must be changed. The Mexican auto part industry represents 20% of the total value of the sector, which embeds 75% of the total production value in states like Coahuila, Puebla, Nuevo Leon, State of Mexico, among others, which is why ANIPAC considers this a major growth sector nationwide. Francisco del Caso, former President of ANIPAC stated that 4,530 companies operate in this sector, with prospected investments of US$1,800 million during 2016.