Entrepreneurs seek to limit non-essential travel

Entrepreneurs seek to limit non-essential travel

JUAREZ – With a proposal by the authorities to limit non-essential travel by American citizens to Ciudad Juarez, the local Business Coordinating Council (CCE) presented the "Control and Monitoring Table" that seeks to implement actions to reduce the infections of COVID-19.

"Let's say that for reasons of extreme national security in terms of health, it is limited to prohibiting visits to Juarez to buy or see the family. What we want to do here is convince people to protect themselves and their families," said Eduardo Ramos, president of the proposal.

The also president of Coparmex commented that the objective is to work together with the government to cushion the health and economic crisis that the city currently faces.

The Control Board is made up of all agencies affiliated with the CCE, such as Canacintra, Coparmex, Index, Canaco, CMIC, the Association of Hotels and Customs Agents and Economic Development.

Source: Diario.mx