European Union will recognize “jalapeño” as a Mexican product

European Union will recognize “jalapeño” as a Mexican product

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MEXICO Following the conclusion of the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Mexico (TLCUEM), recognition of the geographical indication for jalapeño pepper was achieved as a Mexican product according to Jonás Murillo, general director of Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Conservas Alimenticias (Canainca).

This recognition means that only the jalapeño pepper produced in Mexico (both fresh and processed) can be named like tha, explained Murillo.

This distinction also includes the varieties of this product, such as the chipotle, which is a jalapeño that is subjected to a process of smoking, drying, and then rehydrated, he said.

Murillo stressed that if the vegetable is produced in any other part of the world, it will have to be called in another way, because although it is true that it can be planted in more places, it is a distinctly Mexican product and now it has the protection of the name. The executive said that the Mexican industry had the necessary elements to demonstrate that it was a national product that deserved recognition in the old continent.

Mexico sought the distinction of the name because in Europe jalapeño pepper is sold as Mexican, which comes from Turkey. But the quality of some other countries is lower than the Mexican one, which is why prestige was affected.

The recognition will be valid once the new version of the TLCUEM comes into force, a situation that could have a positive impact on the exports of canned goods to that continent, said Murillo.


Source: Canainca