Expo Pack Mexico

Expo Pack Mexico

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EXPO PACK Mexico 2012 is the most important event of packaging and processing in Latin America. This event will take place the next 26th – 29th of June in Mexico City. It will feature the latest advances in machinery for packaging and food processing, new materials, innovative packaging and other goods and services. 

EXPO PACK Mexico offers direct access to the packaging and processing industries in Latin America attracting buyers from throughout the region by offering a wide range of new solutions in: 

• Packaging Technologies (Packaging machinery, containers, packages and package components, converting machinery and materials) 
• Food Processing Technologies 
• Pharmaceutical Technologies &Services 

PMMI is responsible for the overall organization of EXPO PACK Mexico. Jorge Izquierdo is the VP of Global Market Development for PMMI. He chatted with MexicoNOW about EXPO PACK Mexico. He said: "Basically it's primarily a showcase of technology in terms of packaging for the food industry, beverages, pharmaceuticals and personal care among other products." 

Professional packaging and processing personnel from various regions of Mexico and several countries from Latin America and other geographical areas will attend the event. The experts in packaging and processing who attend will collaborate from a wide variety of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, graphic arts, medical, chemical, automotive, and others. 

EXPO PACK Mexico will feature many innovations at this year's edition. In this way, Mr. Izquierdo explains: "EXPO PACK Mexico really includes everyone who is into consumer products and a lot of detailed information is available at the event. One idea is how to get EXPO PACK México Staff Report The Most Important Event of the Packaging Industry in Latin America Jorge Izquierdo, VP of Global Market Development for PMMI products ready to reach consumers in good condition with better appeal and quality, for example. It's all about what works best and it comes straight from the technical manufacturers." 

Izquierdo explained that "there are different issues affecting consumer manufacturers worldwide. For instance, America is a destination that has great impact on Mexico and the U.S. but there have been a few problems in the past related to food. Some contaminated products have, inadvertently been identified and this is serious and has an impact on consumers and can also be a problem for the product manufacturers." 

According to Mr. Izquierdo this can lead to quality issues and he carefully points out that the problem of product contamination that has happened in the past, together with the new legislation on food care that is occurring in the U.S., has led to a series of major changes for those in the processing and packaging industry. These are the ones who provide the food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and myriad personal care products. 

This applies to Mexico because many of the products manufactured in Mexico and exported to the U.S. will have to comply with this new legislation. The new legislation is just adding a lot of details in accordance with the rules and applications, but what is happening is very interesting, said Mr. Izquierdo. "Really, manufacturers of consumer products have been waiting for a definition of the rules and at the same time are realizing the impact of the risks that might occur if one of its products is contaminated and their brand might be looked at as being involved with some type of impurity. As a result, they are being much more proactive in improving their packaging and the packing process and this is where EXPO PACK Mexico takes a lead role." 

EXPO PACK Mexico is a place that promotes technology and products for processing and packaging. They are talking about improving the quality of products while meeting all of the new requirements. EXPO PACK Mexico is really a key point in the process where interaction can begin. 

Manufacturers of products are looking for attractive solutions to track their products through the production lines. Jorge Izquierdo, VP of Global Market Development for PMMI, reported that this is where EXPO PACK Mexico is able to support many manufacturers with efficient traceability, exciting new machinery designs and equipment that is easier to clean while maintaining optimal performance. According to Izquierdo, "…in EXPO PACK Mexico this year we will be giving much more attention to what is important for safety." 

Sustainability has a number of facets including environmental and economic costs and the products must retain their market viability. This is the new trend that you will find emphasized by EXPO PACK Mexico. "We can speak of sustainability," Izquierdo explained to MexicoNOW, "but this means flexible material handling, smaller amounts in the package, not just the size or shape. All this leads to a process that will accommodate these practices to stateof- the-art machinery and the design of different production lines capable of adapting to innovative approaches." 

EXPO PACK Mexico is expecting more than 25,000 qualified buyers, especially from Mexico and Latin America, but there will be visitors from over 30 countries and many of the guests will come from the food, pharmaceutical and consumer product sectors. This year up to 900 companies from 20 countries are expected. In this scenario a net total of 16,000 m2 in exhibition space will be required, according to Izquierdo. 

The most important industry event in Latin America this year is EXPO PACK Mexico. "We believe that EXPO PACK Mexico will have an economic impact for an amount estimated at around 139.000 million pesos. The reason is because this represents the magnitude of our business in Mexico and EXPO PACK Mexico covers many aspects of the industry such as technology, equipment, services, materials, packaging accessories, as well as components for the packaging industry plus machinery and equipment," Izquierdo added in conclusion.