Exports to the US increase

Exports to the US increase

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MEXICO  In 2018 the shipment of merchandise to the United States by tractor truck grew more than 10% compared to 2017, and it was the way of transport that contributed most throughout the year to the border transfer of the cargo, according to figures from the Bureau of Statistics of Transportation (BTS).

According to BTS, in 2018 Mexico exported cargo worth US$246.7 billion to U.S.A by road transport , 12.4% more than in 2017, when it sent US$219.5 billion. Regarding its participation among all transport routes, Mexico contributed as well 71.2% of exports and 66.9% of imports, while in 2017 it accounted for 69.9% and 68%, respectively.

The BTS specified as well that the movement of goods on the North American border, that is, between exports and imports and all roads, the trucks moved 772 billion of freight between Mexico, the United States and Canada, which meant a growth of 7.1 % compared to 2017.

From previous figures, the BTS explained that the commercial exchange by road transport between the three countries reached US$424 billion, 69.3% of the entire load of the northern border of Mexico.

Meanwhile, last year, the railroad sent US$48.4 billion, 6.7% less than in 2017 when US$51.9 billion were exported. While, its participation was of 14% between all the ways that crossed load to the USA.

By sea, Mexico sent 9.4% of the cargo to the United States, against 7.8% that exported in 2017. Regarding the value of the cargo, the BTS states that US$32.7 billion of merchandise exports were reached.

By airplane, US$7.3 billion were moved, which meant that this mode had a share in exports to the northern neighbor of 3.7%.

Source: t21