FAA authorizes Boeing 737 MAX 9 to return to the skies

FAA authorizes Boeing 737 MAX 9 to return to the skies

MEXICO - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft with a plugged door will be allowed to fly again. The decision was made after concluding the reports of the inspected aircraft.

"The FAA received and analyzed the results of the sample of inspected airplanes. Accordingly, the FAA has approved the inspections and corrective actions on MOM-MOM-24-0010-01B(R4), as well as MOM-MOM-24-0010-01B(R3) with supplemental inspections of MOM-MOM-24-0010-01B(R4), as methods of compliance with paragraph (g) of the Emergency AD," the aviation authority said.

Airlines such as United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, AerCap, Aeromexico, Air Lease Corp, BOC Aviation Limited, Copa, Icelandair, Lion Air, and Turkish Airlines had been the most affected after the Administration's decision.

Following the January 5th incident involving an Alaska Airlines plane, where a door plug came off the plane in mid-flight, the FAA ordered 189 aircraft from different airlines around the world to be grounded, affecting the companies' operations.

Dave Calhoun, CEO of Boeing, began a series of meetings with U.S. senators to analyze aviation issues to guarantee the operational safety of its aircraft.

The manufacturer assured that it is working to guarantee its customers and the FAA that its airplanes are safe after the aforementioned incident.

The CEO of United Airlines, one of the largest purchasers of Boeing aircraft, expressed his frustration with the company.