FCA likely to build in Saltillo a mid-size pickup for global markets

After production of the current Ram ends at the Saltillo assembly plant, the facility will be tooled to manufacture a new mid-size pickup for global markets, Bruno Cattori, CEO of FCA Mexico confirmed at the Detroit Auto Show, adding that it will be a product that currently does not exist in the portfolio.

The vehicle may not be aimed for the U.S. market, but sold as a Ram-branded model in multiple regions like the Middle East, the Caribbean, parts of Asia-Pacific plus Central and South America.

The unit would be a rival for the Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi L200/Triton, Nissan NP300/Frontier and Volkswagen Amarok, among others.

The company in recent days confirmed plans to shift Heavy Duty’s production to Michigan in 2020. Production of other pick-up models are also expected to end in 2020 since FCA decided not to retool the Saltillo facility for the next-gen Ram unveiled last week in Detroit.


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