“Felipe Carrillo Puerto” will be Mexico’s first green airport

“Felipe Carrillo Puerto” will be Mexico’s first green airport

TULUM, QR - The Felipe Carillo Puerto International Airport, located in Tulum, Quintana Roo, already has an inauguration date for next December.

This was announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on several occasions. It is worth mentioning that this airport is considered the first "green airport" in the country.

The new Tulum airport will be inaugurated on December 1, as Mexicana de Aviación will begin operations at the new terminal located in the Caribbean.

"We are arranging for Mexicana, it will be flying soon, I hope by December", said López Obrador during his press conference.

For her part, the governor of Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama, shared that the new airport is ready for the grand opening, where she also shared a video on the progress of this macro project.

Lezama emphasized that Quintana Roo will be the only state in the country to have four international airports. "This great work has generated about 15,000 jobs and is practically ready to receive about 5.5 million passengers a year."

The governor pointed out that, according to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization, it will be the first green airport because it will give importance to the protection and preservation of flora and fauna, as well as the mitigation of environmental impact.

The new airport has more than 75,000 square meters of construction and a 3.7 kilometers long hydraulic concrete runway.

This runway will be the longest in the entire Yucatan peninsula, which will allow the landing of aircraft with the latest technology, with an imposing control tower, a terminal building for passengers and one for private flights.

It is worth mentioning that a green airport is one that makes responsible use of natural resources for its operation, thus reducing the impact of its activity on the environment.