FEMIA bets on training in 4.0 Technologies

FEMIA bets on training in 4.0 Technologies

MEXICO – The Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), together with VictoriaLand, will promote the delivery of specialized courses in Technology 4.0 to meet the growing demand for professionals.

The objective of this alliance is to offer world-class education in disruptive technologies, such as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, through a permanent global network platform.

Therefore, VictoriaLand and Victoria Ecoystems created Victoria Master Classes, specialized courses and master classes through which highly specialized human talent will be generated and certified by higher education institutions that have programs oriented to the aerospace industry.

"Both FEMIA and VictoriaLand advance in the creation of agents of change that contribute to the social, economic and industrial development of the regions and the country," comments Luis Lizcano, Executive President of the organization.

"Our vision is to contribute to 40% of the planet's ecosystems being safeguarded, monitored and protected by exponential technologies by 2027″, explains Christopher Córdova, CEO of VictoriaLand, a company that develops technologies for the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.

In a first exercise, VictoriaLand and the Polytechnic University of Yucatan (UPY) will offer the disruptive technologies courses, which students from 15 different countries will be able to join, with the advantage that the educational institution offers specialized engineering in these sciences and has its Artificial Engineering Center.

"FEMIA is firmly committed to contributing to the formation of specialized human capital, since education is the only way to add value and enhance opportunities to continue promoting the development of the aerospace industry and position Mexico as a global power in this sector," concludes Luis Lizcano.