FEMIA and AENOR signed collaboration agreement

FEMIA and AENOR signed collaboration agreement

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MEXICO  The Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA) will promote the Mexican aerospace sector by obtaining technical and economic facilities in matters of certification, training and standardization to companies that are part of it.

To achieve this, FEMIA signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), a leading entity in the certification of management systems, products and services.

Luis Lizcano, general director of FEMIA, mentioned that some factors that inhibit companies so they can achieve a high level of competitiveness and achieve a position in the aerospace market are those related to certification and training, that is why ,  as an aeronautical company, FEMIA seeks to facilitate the path to these companies.

"The intention here is to reach the aerospace sector, cover and support it, making it grow, in addition to facilitating international agreements, which will be easier thanks to the signing of the settlement that has been carried out today," said Lizcano.

In addition, Miguel Montesino Hernández, director of AENOR, stated that said organism is one of the most prestigious in the world in terms of certification and that they have always been interested in supporting the aerospace sector, as well as having a track record of over two decades doing standardization and certification work.

Source: a21